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Auto Save

Excel Backup File Auto Save Software  Excel Backup File Auto Save Software 7.0
Automatically backup-save open copies of your Excel files while you work. This program creates backup files with a self-describing filenames every so often. Useful if Excel crashes while running or to keep multiple copies of one file that be recovered in case big mistakes are made. Set how often to save and what folder to save to. Minimize this application to the system tray so it works invisibly.

  AutoSaveVS 1.0
AutoSaveVS is an Add-in for Visual Studios 2003 to automatically save your files to help prevent lost work and time. AutoSaveVS will save your solution, all projects and any unsaved file open in Visual Studios every five minutes. No longer do you need to worry about losing your hard work because you forgot to click the save button. Just install and launch Visual Studios and let AutoSaveVS worry about the saving. Download the trial version today.

Visual Album  Visual Album 1.41
Organize, share, and view images faster than ever before, with fewer mouse clicks, fewer keystrokes, and fewer headaches. Use the integrated file list to manage file names and to move, copy, and delete files. Keep favorite images at your fingertips in virtual albums. Add favorite folders, rename multiple files automatically, and rotate/resize/save images without typing in a single file name. Supports BMP, GIF, animated GIF, JPG, and TIF files.

YoGen Audio Recorder  YoGen Audio Recorder 3.1.2
Real-time digital audio recording software that makes easy to have professional quality recordings from: other programs that produce sounds, digitizes analog signals from Line-In and microphone. Features 1. WAV, WMA, and MP3 Recording and Playback 2. Sound Activated Recording 3. Auto Track Splits 4. Command Line Support 5. Time Shift Record Playback 6. Dual Mono Channel Recording from a Single Stereo Device
time shift, dual mono, command line, multiple devices, multiple instances, mp3, wma, wav, audio, recorder,